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Test 3 Study Guide Answers

Test 3 Study Guide Answers - Test 3 Study Guide Answers 1...

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Test 3 Study Guide Answers: 1. Three reasons why societies have limited sexual behaviors. a. Prevent Incest b. Limit Homosexuality – counter reproductive c. Maintain Family d. Disease, overpopulation: consequences of sex e. Sexual relationships open you up to special vulnerability f. Sexual desire is so overwhelming that it must be controlled g. So overwhelming desire that it needs to be controlled h. Humans are vulnerable when they have sexual relations with someone i. Limit consequences (Diseases, overpopulation etc.) 2. Three reasons why religious traditions have limited sexual behaviors. a. 1) Procreation brings humans to a special relationship with God b. 2) Sex and sin c. 3) Importance of maintaining strict gender roles d. Procreation connects sex with God’s power e. All sins are connected to sex f. Importance of maintaining strict gender roles 3. List and describe May’s 4 theories of sex. 1) Demonic: sex as a power which one let loose, tends to grip and destroy its host, self-destructive and destructive of others. Manichean? 2) Divine: tenderhearted sex is the closest we come to salvation; provides contact with a nurtures and fulfills; Lady Chatterley’s Lover 3) Casual- reflects a liberal industrial culture that prizes autonomy above all else, reduces nature to raw materials to be manipulated and transformed of men’s own choosing, and that correspondingly reduces the body to the incidental 4) Nuisance: sex is a burdensome ritual to be endured for a few lack-luster goods 1. Sex as demonic 2. Sex as a divine 3. Sex as a casual good 4. Sex as a nuisance 4. Cahill’s 5 norms of Christian sexual ethics. 1) Pleasure 2) Procreation 3) Heterosexual 4) Permanent monogamy 5) Love 1. Procreation 2. Monogamy 3. Expression of love 4. Pleasure 5. Heterosexuality
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5. St. Augustine’s 3 purposes of marriage. 1) Children 2) Fidelity 3) Sacramental bond/ can’t be dissolved 1. Procreation/children 2. Fidelity 3. Sacramental bond of Christian spouses (marriage cannot be dissolved) 6. Borowitz’s four standards for evaluating sex acts. a. The Healthy Orgasm – Bad because it is based on satisfaction alone and uses people b. Mutual Consent – Bad because it limits the view of an individual and uses people (friends w/ benefits) c. Love – Ethical because sex is reserved to those whom we love d. Marriage – Ethical because it is taking a risk and is the best standard 1) Healthy orgasms- not ethical for evaluating sexual acts 2) Mutual consent- unethical b/c it looks at individuals as being an “it” 3) Love standards- sex should be reserved for people we love 4) Marriage- best standard b/c you have to take risks and have faith in your love e. 1. Healthy orgasm 2. Mutual consent 3. Love standard 4. Marriage 7. Why does Borowitz support the marriage standard to justify sexual intercourse? a.
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Test 3 Study Guide Answers - Test 3 Study Guide Answers 1...

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