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EJ 1 HIST120-01 Murphey p.1-20 August 27, 2008 Introduction: Monsoon Asia as a Unit of Study Geography Asian continent begins at Suez, the Bosporus at Istanbul, and the Ural Mts in the former SU; encompasses 17+ million sq. miles SE rim of Asia o Rainfall is adequate (pattern of heavy summer rainfall), temperatures are moderate (presence of sea) o Called “monsoon Asia” Pop Densities Hilly/mt parts of monsoon Asia (SE Asia, W China, Korea, Japan) thinly pop; lowlands densely pop o => developed highly distinctive set of cultures First Asian civs arose on agricultural base in RVs o Agriculture remains dominant employment/major src of production o Supported empires and cultures Expansion of Chinese state under Han dynasty in 2 nd C BCE incorporated many areas under control o First conquered Xinjiang (Chinese Turkestan) o Added Mongolia to protect against nomadic rades o Later conquered Tibet o 17 th C, Manchus (nomadic group) conquered China and added Manchuria to homeland Other major area – Pakistan o Early inhabitants were of Indian culture o Mostly desert; but early irrigation (Neolithic) along Indus R made agriculture and pop possible o Limited rainfall in summer Common Cultural Patterns Four major sub-regions of monsoon Asia – India, China, SE Asia, Japan Similar ideas: o Importance of extended family and kin ntwk o Respect for learning o Veneration of age for wisdom/authority o Submission of women publicly (except S India and SE Asia) o Hierarchical society o Importance of traditional past o Group welfare over individual interests
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EJ 2 Agriculture Except for Japan, most of Asia primarily agrarian-based economy o Distinctive for labor intensiveness (human labor) – construction/maintenance of irrigation sys Addition of manuring/chemical fertilization => highest crop yield Also b/c of RV/deltas – fertile land (river silt), warm temps, long growing seasons, adequate rainfall Supports large populations Social Hierarchy High pop density => emphases on group effort/welfare, mistrust of individualism, dependence on rules for behavior o Individuals have their own role Patriarchal/male-dominant
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hist120-01_murphey82708 - EJ 1 HIST120-01 Murphey p.1-20...

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