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HIST120-01 Murphey p.64-78 September 10-15, 2008 Chapter 4: The Civilization of Ancient India Rise of Indus culture (3000 BCE) o Coming of Aryans from C Asia, growth of Vedic culture (1000-500 BCE) Mauyran empire (322-250 BCE) after death of emperor Ashoka Gupta empire from (320-550 CE) restoring political unity in the N India is the oldest still in continuous existence o Civ said to emerge by 3000 BCE o Literature urban culture existed by 3000 BCE and lasting until 2000 BCE After collapse of Indus civ, N India invaded by C Asian people called Aryans o Intermarried w/indigenous people When Alexander the Great invaded India (326 BCE), regional kingdoms risen o After Alexander withdrew, welded into empire by Maurya dynasty Then Kushan and Gupta dynasty S remained divided among rival kingdoms Origins of Civ in India Neolithic dvpts in agriculture and settled villages took place W of Indus during 5000 BCE o By 3000 BCE, true cities risen in Indus V o Floodplain presented challenges => exploited agricultural resrcs => surpluses => cities o Pop literate, used metal, surplused food, division of labor, arts, bldg, town planning The Indus Civ Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, Kalibangan + 200 smaller towns/villages o Similar in weights/measures o Lowlands dry, so agriculture dependent on irrigation o Annual river floods provided water and silt Easy transport by river and plains Relations w/Sumer 3200 BCE, cuneiform replaced earlier pictographs in Sumer Art of Indus people – seals (2500 BCE – trade w/them) probably used to mark property/goods => adopted by Indus Trade w/Sumer took place overland and through Lothal port on the coast below Indus – stone docks/warehouses The Cities of the Indus
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Planned layout of cities (wells, piped water supply, bathrooms, waste
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hist120-01_murphey91508 - HIST120-01 Murphey p.64-78...

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