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HIST120-01 Murphey p.285-291, 306-314, 343-354, 449-457 September 29, 2008 Robert Clive and the Beginnings of British India Robert Clive (1725-1774) shipped to Madras as E India Co clerk o Took commission in small army; 1 st mil expedition against S kngdm allied w/French won even though outnumbered => hero o Recaptured Calcutta from Bengalis The Establishment of British Rule 1784 India Act created a new Board of Control for India in London b/c of plunders From Trading Co to Govt Policy of E India Co and London supervisors was not to get terr, but to ally w/Indian princes, offering mil protection for trading rights In Bengal, continued collecting taxes and running admin as agents of Indian rulers o Calcutta made capital During Napelonic wars 1790s, F still had holdings in S history and alliances w/Indian rulers o In Bengal, Warren Hastings (1732-1818) appt govr of Ft William 1772, confirmed as govr-gen of British Bengal, Madras, Bombay Fascinated by Indian tradition => encouraged absolute ruler
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hist120-01_murphey92908 - HIST120-01 Murphey p.285-291,...

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