hist120-01_mahayanabudd - MAHAYANA BUDDHISM • Was Buddha...

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Unformatted text preview: MAHAYANA BUDDHISM • Was Buddha selfish for entering Nirvana? – one difficulty Buddhism was facing • Another difficulty was as Buddhism was trying to spread to Tibet, etc, saw they were coming up against an indigenous opposition (believed in ancestors – gave life, to be revered/respected) o In Theravada Buddhism, direct opposite – no soul, no afterlife • 2 issues: 1 w/in Buddhist tradition (looking @ the Buddha) and 1 w/the acceptance among all the people of ancestors o Mahayana Buddhism – acceptance of the soul (major division w/Theravada) o What happened to the Buddha? Not selfish – the Buddha himself did enter Nirvana, but that is not the final stage – Mahayana cosmos • 5 Buddhas • Center – Vairocana, cardinal pts w/each a different Buddha • Bodhisattva – the Buddha himself b/c; ppl here on earth can b/c; a person who will not enter Nirvana but out of compassion for his fellow men will remain on earth and guide others towards Nirvana BUDDHISM IN TIBET: SOME NAMES AND TERMS • Tibet is a modern Mongolian term – abode of snow • Bon (Bon-po) – native religion o Animistic, spirits, gods (mts, valleys) o Eventually this native set of beliefs attaches itself to Buddhism => Lamaism – conjunction of Bon + Mahayana Buddhism Not politically united – mt region • King Song-tsen-gam-po – founder of Tufan dy in Tibet o Issue of uniting country – peace o Married a princess from each of the provinces (633/650AD), Nepal (Krichan – brought Buddhist images) and China (Wen-ch’eng – Tang dy imperial fam) o Wants peace along borders and how Buddhism enters o Sets up capital in Hlasa o...
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hist120-01_mahayanabudd - MAHAYANA BUDDHISM • Was Buddha...

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