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Chapter 3 Power Point - Application Software Word...

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1 Application Software Word Processors Spreadsheets Database Management Presentation Graphics Integrated Packages Software Suites Sharing Data Application Software The are two basic types of software. System software focuses on handling technical details. Application software focuses on completing specialized tasks or applications. Two categories are: •Basic applications (general) •Specialized applications Application Software Common Features •User Interface – most have graphical user interface. •Windows – rectangular areas that can contain documents, programs, and messages. •Menus – present commands listed on the menu bar; use pull- down (drop down) menus. Help menus provide access to online assistance.
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2 Application Software Common Features (cont.) •Dialog Box – provides additional information or requests user input. •Toolbars – contain buttons and menus; standard toolbar is a common to most applications Web-Based Applications are from Web sites called application service providers Word Processors Word processors allow you to create, edit, save, and print documents, including flyers, reports, newsletters, and Web pages. Word Processors
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Chapter 3 Power Point - Application Software Word...

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