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Extra/tutorial problerns for ch.5 Fall 2008 Frorn the textbook: 5.4, 5.8, 5.15,5.42,5,66 Dec 2005 Exam: 1. A 5 kg wood box slides down a vertical wall while being pushed at an angle of 30o as shown in the figure below. The coefficient of kinetic friction (pr) between the box and the wall is 0.25. (a) Draw a Free-Bod)t Diagratn for the box. (b) Find the masnitude qf the appliedforce, Fupp, if the box is sriding down at constant speed. Dec 2004 Exam , 3, Little Joluny slides down a grassy 20o slcpe. When at the I top of the slope, hs was pushed suoh that he had an initiat velocity. Jclhnny slides 3.50 m down the slope betbre stopping. The coefficient of kinetic -friction between grass and the seat of John',y's pants is 0,50. (a) Draw afree-body diagram of Johnny as he is sliding downthe srope. (b) What was Johnny's inittal speed orr thç grass? Dec 2004 Exam
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Unformatted text preview: 7, Two blocls composed of tbe same material are in contact on a rough table. A horizontal force F is applied to oûe bloclq as shown. If rn I = 2.00 kg, m2 = 1.00 kg, and F: 16.û N, and the coefficient of kinetic frictiou betwesn the table and ths blocks is 0.150, (a) ùawfree-body diagrams for ml and mz. [b) Find the numerical values for the nornal forces qf the table on ml and m2. (c) Wfat isthe acceleration of the blocks? (d) Determire theforce of contact between the two blocks. Dec 2005 Exam: 2. The system shown has an initial velocity of 20.0 m/s down travelling 40.0 rn. The incline is not smooth. (a) Draw a Free-Bodv Diagram for each mass. (b) Calculate the system's acceleration. (c) Calculate the coe.(frcient qf kineticfriction rq. (d) Calculate the tension in the string. the incline and it comes to rest after...
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