ax and ay from a radial and

ax and ay from a radial and - + y sin y' = -x sin + y cos a...

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a x and a y from a radial and a tangential. Suppose the coordinates, (x,y), of a point in the two-dimensional XY system are known, but we are actually interested in knowing the coordinates of this point in another coordinate system, X'Y', which is related to the XY system by a counter-clockwise rotation by an angle α. As the figure indicates, the coordinates of the given point  in the new coordinate system will be:    x' = x cos 
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Unformatted text preview: + y sin y' = -x sin + y cos a a r a tan a y a x Careful here, positive x is toward the left and positive y downward! Use the fact that the angle the rod makes with the vertical is the same as the angle between a x and a tan and use the information below to write a x and a y as linear combinations of a radial and a tangential (with the appropriate trigonometric functions)....
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