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231 Lab Report Format Fall 10

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Unformatted text preview: m its initial position at rest, to the ground beneath the cliff.”) E) Create a table that includes a description of all quantities measured, defines symbols for those quantities, defines units of measurement, and describes method/instrument of measurement and resolution of the instrument used. Example shown below: Time of Quantity: Cliff height initial height Time of impact of rock above release cliff edge Symbol: H1 H2 t1 t2 Units: m m s S Digital 2‐meter stick Set as zero Method: Metric tape stopwatch for every held dropped trial vertically down the side of cliff Resolution: mm mm n/a 0.001 s 3/7 2. Performing (20%) A) Perform your experiment and collect data in a clear, well‐organized data table. Include averages where appropriate. Example: H2 (m) t1 (s) t2 (s) Trial H1 (m) 1 100.35 1.06 0.000 4.501 2 4.553 3 4.471 4 4.697 5 4.398 6 4.551 average 4.529 B) Include any experimental notes that you deem appropriate (e.g., “wind picked up speed as we were collecting data.”) 4/7 3. Analysis and Interpretation (30%) A) Use your data to calculate a result. (This should relate to experimental objective). Show gene...
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