231 Lab Report Format Fall 10

231 Lab Report Format Fall 10

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 231 Lab Report Format Fall 2010 This handout is designed to help you know what is expected from you in lab each week, and to help you succeed in earning as many points as you can. You should have this handout with you whenever you’re in lab. I’ve left plenty of blank space in which you can make your own notes for clarification and reference as the weeks go on. Lab reports are done by hand, in lab, and handed in by the end of the period. Reports must be completed on engineering paper. Late lab reports will not be accepted. No credit for illegible script and/or incoherent grammar. Please use plenty of paper and make your report easy to follow and easy to read. Your lab report is an example of technical communication; clear communication is built on a foundation of clear ideas. If you are confused during lab, please call me over. I’m here to help you learn. Be prepared to work with a diverse group of students. There are usually four students to a group, and I rotate the groups each week. When you show up at lab, your name will be on one of the tables. This lab report format represents a non‐tri...
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