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Unformatted text preview: objective (supplied by me, usually written on the board) e.g., Lab 2 Title: Free‐Fall Objective: Determine free‐fall acceleration for a falling rock There are three main sections for each report: 1. Planning and Designing 2. Performing 3. Analysis and Interpretation Please present these three sections, with headings, in order. Details (and subsections) for each section are outlined below. Please adhere to the section/subsection numbering/lettering scheme so that I can more easily follow your work. 2/7 1. Planning and Designing (40%) A) Describe your SETUP (e.g., “we stand at the top edge of a 100m cliff, holding a rock and a stopwatch. The rock is held 1m higher than the cliff edge.”) Diagrams are often VERY helpful here. B) Describe which aspects of the setup you will MEASURE (e.g., “we measured the height of the cliff, and the initial height of the rock above the cliff edge.”) Diagrams are often VERY helpful here. C) Describe the PROCESS you’ll observe (e.g., “we release the rock, from rest, from an initial height of 101m above the bottom of the canyon.”) Diagrams are often VERY helpful here. D) Describe which aspects of that process you will MEASURE (e.g., we will measure the elapsed time for the rock to fall, fro...
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