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231 Lab Report Format Fall 10


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Unformatted text preview: vial departure from previous formats I’ve used. I’d like to thank all of my former students who have given me feedback over the years, especially the ones who have taken the time to fill out my detailed feedback questionnaires. This format is driven by a combination of my years of experience in the classroom, thoughtful and candid feedback from my students, and published research on science education assessment by NTSA (National Science Teachers Association). Lab is an important and often fun part of learning physics. I encourage you to arrive to lab well prepared and ready to focus, to think creatively, and to communicate constructively. Previous lab experience is helpful but not expected. Please see course syllabus for point values and weightings. 1/7 Format, labeling and presentation is worth 10%. Here is what you’re expected to list at the beginning of each lab report: • • • Name, date, lab section Lab partners (first and last names, please), table number Lab number, title and...
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