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hist rock n roll - Background: Chicago After WW1 and WW2...

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Background: Chicago After WW1 and WW2 there was a large scale migration of African Americans north from the south Industrial centers (Detroit, Chicago, NYC, Pittsburge, ect. .) were key destination points due to job opportunities (and the hope of decreased racism) better jobs, more pay. This migration also included many blues musicians often from the Delta region of Mississippi Louisiana ect. Differences from South to North The move from the predominantly rural south to the urban north changed the way people lived, worked, and interacted People from all over the south were now within a few miles from each other exchanging ideas about music life food religion ect We begin to see the electric incarnation of blues as new available technologies incomes and sounds become part of everyday life Chicago & the 1940s Chess records established in late 1940s by Leonard and phil chess The lable signed artists such as: Muddy waters, Howlin wolf, willie Dixon, sonny boy williamason, little walter, elmore james, Robert nighthawk, and later chuch berry The chess label became known as the label for urban blues Changes in programming As the market changed chess bagan releasing a more diverse range of music styles The moonglows and the flamingos were two early pop groups that foreshadow the doo-wop wave Once again we see white artists and labels taking notice of minority race record popularity Cover versions of African American tunes soon hit the airwaves gaining fame and fortune for white artists while also expanding the audience for African American music Clarence frogman henry aint got no home Released in 1956 This is a great example of the novelty songs chess records was relesing in addition to great records by waters, wolf, and others Chess rock n roll artists As chess explanded its market by adding pop and R&B srtists they also signed two artists that would become prominent rock n roll satrs Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry Bo Diddley
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Born Otha Ellis Bates in Mississippi in 1928 Adopted by the McDaniels family Credited as allas McDaniels on his songwriting credits The name bo diddley comes from the name of a folk single string instrument called the diddley bow Style and sound characteristics Distinctive rhythmic pattern derived from African traditional music the bo Diddley beat Use of maracas and Latin influenced percussion tom tom drums Tremolo guitar sounds Bo Diddley: Bo diddley 1955 Bo’s frist hit was Bo diddley originally called uncle john Listen for rhythm ans over all sound The bo diddley beat was used by countless rock musicians after him including buddy holly on not fade away Bo diddley Im a man Released in 1955 Is this that same song that we just saw muddy waters doing in the last waltz? What do you hear?
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hist rock n roll - Background: Chicago After WW1 and WW2...

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