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Performance Performers Length U.S Anthem Lisa Pham and Christy Tran 2 Viet Anthem Sonny, Son Ha, Kathy, Angel 2 Lion Dance Los Amigos Lion Dancers: (Danny Nguyen, Dung Nguyen, Dustin Tran, Daniel Tran, Quoc Nguyen) 7 Piano – Con chuot va con meo Truman Nguyen 2 Dance – Boom Boom Boom Boom Ana Nguyen, Michelle Do, Brianna Woo 1 Piano – Hug Thy-An Tran 3 Kai Yuan, LJ, Yung Tee, LCK 5 Dance – Hawaiian Dance Pacific Islanders Club Performers 5 Sing – Tinh Da Lo Darrel Do 5 Skit – Back in Vietnam Thy-An, Ann, Pauline, Lyly, Trung, David, Tommy 12 Sing – Love Song Tracey Nguyen, Jenny Nguyen, Tanya Lai 5 Sing – Cheap Love part 2 Kai Yuan ft. Vu Nhoc and LJ 5 Martial Arts – Wong Fei Hung Theme Remix
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Unformatted text preview: MFH (Monkeys Flying High) 5 Sing Roses Carolyn and Celina and Teisha 5 Poetry Not Losing to the Rain Hikaru Watanabe and Ryuta Sugihara 3 Song First Love Hikaru Watanabe 4 Sing Em Xa Roi Kai Yuan ft. Yung Tee 4 Sing Mai Yeu Minh Anh Anh Tho Duong 4 Dance Traditional - Co Tam Ngay Nay Kathy Dong, Amy Ly, Thanh Tu, Kathy Nguyen, Denise Nguyen, Angel Nguyen, Kaylyn Dang, Son Ha 3 Sing Tell Me Darrel Do 4 Sing Co Be Mua Dong Kai Yuan ft Vu Nhoc 4 Skit Ai Biet? Sonny, Son Ha, Thien, Ngu 30 Fashion Show By Amy Ly (Ai, Quan, Darrel, Sonny, Son-Ha, David, Brandon, Kevin, Kathy, Pauline, Vy, Anh Tho, Thanh, Angel, ) 5...
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