FRQ 2 Metacognitive Writing

FRQ 2 Metacognitive Writing - job of the Supreme Court as...

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Metacognitive Writing In this FRQ, I received a grade of 5 due to a number of mistakes. First of all, in addressing my prompt, my thesis had a couple mistakes. It partly restated the prompt, which made it weak with the repetitiveness. I needed to address the prompt in a more clear and concise manner in order to develop the essay. Likewise, in the thesis, I needed to address that even though the Supreme Court was a neutral arbiter, it was also partisan. Furthermore, I think my give a little, take a lot body paragraphs were unbalanced because the give a little was too short. In the give a little paragraph, my factual evidence did not thoroughly fit and make sense to enable me to elaborate on how it showed that the Supreme Court were neutral. It only stated the
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Unformatted text preview: job of the Supreme Court as being neutral in interpreting the Constitution. Therefore, I needed to use specific cases instead of the Articles. Moreover, in the take a lot body paragraphs, I was suppose to use Marshall’s and Taney’s beliefs and show how it connected with the cases. Altogether, to wrap up the FRQ, I should have stated the important idea that with its partisan actions, the Supreme Court still took in consideration the greater good of the people when deciding on the rulings, making it a fair political body. Next time, I need to be careful when writing my thesis so that it will be more clear in what my essay will discuss about and my opinion in answering the prompt....
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