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Metacognitive Writing In this FRQ, I received a grade of 2 due to a number of mistakes. First of all, I answered a different prompt; yet, I was given credit because some of the concrete details can be used in connection with the topic about how the war effected before it commenced due to salutary neglect. I wasn’t sure how I could have strayed off and written another topic, but I also made errors regarding the thesis. I needed to address the prompt in a more clear and concise manner in order to develop the essay. As for the little mistakes, I had contractions, which should not be used because it waters down on the writing and does not create a formal tone. By doing this, it will cause the essay to lack sophistication. Additionally, in the introductory paragraph, I think I wrote more than I should, because it should be short and straight to the point. Moreover, as for the context, even though it did not thoroughly answer the prompt, I had valuable concrete details that were specific enough to elaborate on. The only part I lacked was the explanation and
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