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Metacognitive Writing In this DBQ, I received a grade of 5 due to a number of mistakes. First of all, even though the thesis addresses the prompt, it needed to be reworded because it was holding me back through the use of limiting words such as minimal. Also, due to the time limit, I was not able to finish thoroughly; thus, there was uneven coverage of the historical ideas involving the African Americans. I did not fully explore how the African Americans wanted freedom and also how they hoped that they would be able to secure their lands from further expansion from the Americans. Furthermore, I did not need to add in quotations because in a DBQ, quotations will only be looked over. However, I would have to be sure not to paraphrase the documents so much so that it will sound like an opinion and not another way to regurgitate the ideas in order to answer the prompt. In a DBQ, it must have a mixture of info and documents, which allow it to further develop the explanations of how the women, the poor, and the Native and African
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