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Metacognitive Writing for DBQ 2 - add in our own knowledge...

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Metacognitive Writing In this DBQ, I received a grade of 4 mostly due to a number of mistakes. In the beginning, even though the thesis addresses the prompt, I should have included as a part of my give a little-take a lot that national unity existed between the West and North while there was a division between the North and the South. Likewise, I should make my thesis more clear and concise. In this DBQ, it wasn’t thoroughly clear when I stated that the advancements further divided the successes of the North and the South in opposing fields. I meant that the North and South were different in the fact that one industrialized to grow and the other depended on an agrarian community. Furthermore, mostly due to the uneven coverage of historical ideas and events, it led me to not cover enough information that portrayed sectionalism through the 100 year span. The main purpose of the DBQ is to pull information from the documents as well as
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Unformatted text preview: add in our own knowledge. However, when I was writing the DBQ, I only limited myself to the info I saw in the documents, such as the transcontinental railroad, the Erie Canal, and the cotton gin. However, there were more innovations I could have mentioned, such as the steel plows, the telegraph, sewing machine, and factories. And as a result of the need for coverage and balance, this limited my analytical commentary for it only focused on certain aspects. For instance, I could have further added how industrial expansion in the North resulted in more factories, causing more women to leave home to work. Moreover, I should have divided my first body paragraph into smaller paragraphs. To improve next time, I must remember to add outside information to answer the prompt and have more commentary to my analysis....
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