Metacognitive Writing for DBQ Unit 4

Metacognitive Writing for DBQ Unit 4 - stress that...

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Metacognitive Writing In this DBQ, mostly on account of the wording of the thesis in the introduction, I received a grade of 6. First of all, even though the thesis addresses the prompt, it needed to be reworded because it was holding me back. In addition, it should state that overall there were more reforms and changes made than the preserving of traditional values. However, as for the content of the DBQ, I wrote a lot in order to have equal coverage of outside concrete details and facts paired with the ideas supplied by the documents. Furthermore, I covered a tremendous amount information on the political, local, social, and state Progressive reforms. It included all levels from which Progressivism touched on the new changes made. As well, I was trying to
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Unformatted text preview: stress that Progressivism helped to revert back to or conserve the American ideals of competition and the middle class; yet, it was liberal changes that were made in order to secure such traditions. However, the thesis was told and demonstrated to be stronger if it favored the liberal side and added that conservatism also took place. Moreover, a little mistake I made was mixing up conservation with conservatism. They came from the same roots to keep things the same, but conservation was supported by liberals. Next time, I have to be careful at making my thesis more clear and ensure that there are no related words as stated in the prompt....
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