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Unit 3 FRQ Metacognitive - coverage of information and the...

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Metacognitive Writing In this FRQ, I received a grade of 6 due to the introduction. First of all, in addressing my prompt, my thesis had a couple mistakes. It partly restated the prompt, which made it weak with the repetitiveness. I needed to address the prompt in a more clear and concise manner in order to develop the essay. In addition, my thesis lacked the “give a little” part; it didn’t make clear to state both sides of the question: how it was like a revolution and how it wasn’t like a revolution in another aspect. Next time, I need to be careful when writing my thesis so that it will be more clear in what my essay will discuss about and my opinion in answering the prompt. The way I went about addressing the prompt held me back, even though I had no problems with my
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Unformatted text preview: coverage of information and the commentary. I touched on the economic issue instead of just showing the issues regarding freed slaves. Furthermore, I forgot a little detail that was strong in proving how it wasn’t a revolution and how slavery did not change much. It just took another form; sharecropping was another way the freed slaves were bound with invisible chains by the wealthy landowners. This system placed them back to “slavery,” by keeping them in debt as they rented out land to be farmed on. To fix my little mistakes, I have to be clear when writing my thesis and making it more broad as to not limit my topic....
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