Unit 4 FRQ Metacognitive

Unit 4 FRQ Metacognitive - and their need for silver...

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Metacognitive Writing In my FRQ about the emergence of the Populist Party, I received an 8.This is the highest grade I have gotten so far on my FRQs. The only minor problem was that I needed to make my thesis more concise. It was quite long and needed to be shortened in a clearer manner. Overall, I showed extensive coverage on the historical events, such as the McKinley Tariff Act, and ideas, such as the goals of the Populist Party, which greatly included the coinage of silver. Moreover, in creating the main ideas of my body paragraphs, I was through in addressing elements like the railroads and the Grange, in order to show the force that pushed to the depression of the farmers
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Unformatted text preview: and their need for silver coinage in order to pay off their debts easier. Likewise, for my commentary, I provided proper analysis that strongly supported essay, explaining the deflation, depression, and corruption that contributed to the beginning of the Populist Party to combat the injustices. Also, it was helpful to offer little details about the Populist Party, like how it was made up of the Farmers’ Alliance and Knights of Labor, to show more understanding on the topic. Altogether, by keeping the FRQ balanced with extensive coverage and explanations, I will continue to earn a high grade....
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