Unit 5 FRQ Metacognitive

Unit 5 FRQ Metacognitive - with the usage of “although”...

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Metacognitive Writing In this FRQ, I received a grade of 7 due to the introduction uneven coverage. I needed to balance the commentary that supported my details because sometimes the length of my explanations was too long and then it was short in the concrete detail that followed. First of all, in addressing my prompt, my thesis actually had no mistakes. It was clear and concise in revealing how Republican policies in addition to the low wages, agricultural products, and banking situations were responsible for the Great Depression. I had a strong and complex thesis
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Unformatted text preview: with the usage of “although” to show give a little- take a lot. In the body paragraphs, there was uneven coverage with my analysis and historical ideas. I needed to stress the lack of income spending, which the Republican policies did not help with. Furthermore, for the Quota Acts, I should include how limiting immigration hurt the economy because immigrants could have provided another pool of people that can help spend money, in order to lessen the strain on the economy. Overall, the only thing that I needed to fix to get a higher grade was in the coverage....
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