Coarse Aggregate Angularity

Coarse Aggregate Angularity - 4. Separate the aggregates...

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ASTM D5821 Standard Test Method for Determining the Percentage of Fractured Particles in Coarse Aggregate Equipment Balance Sieves Splitter Spatula Sampling Depends on the grade of the aggregate. In this lab, 700 grams will be sieved. Procedures 1. Sieve coarse aggregate out 2. Wash and oven dry. 3. Count the fractured faces on each piece of aggregate
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Separate the aggregates into piles of 0 fractured faces, 1 fractured face, or 2+ fractured faces. 5. Calculated percentages of 1+ fractured face and 2+ fractured faces by mass Significance and Use • Angularity helps provide stability for surface treatment aggregates....
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