Lab092608[1] - game times average 3.5 hours Create a...

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CIS 105: 09/26/08 Ch 3 DO NOT E-MAIL THE ASSIGNMENTS. I WILL CHECK IN CLASS ON 09/29/08. 1. Write a program that prompts the user to enter a decimal number and then outputs this number rounded to two decimal places. 2. Use JOptionPane to complete the following: You are the owner of CAU-Intown Parking. Your parking lot is adjacent to Panther Stadium. The Atlanta City Council has awarded you a contract to provide parking for the upcoming game. The stadium will pay you $7.25 per ticket sold to people parking in your lot. You have room for unlimited cars, and each car carries 5 passengers. Besides the per- ticket subsidy from the stadium, you decide to charge drivers $1.25 per hour to park, and
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Unformatted text preview: game times average 3.5 hours. Create a program whose main method holds the following variable declarations: lotCapacity, avgPassengersPerCar, feePerHourPerCar, ticketPrice, hoursForGame, totalPeople, totalParking, totalTickets, grandTotal. totalParking = lotCapacity * SeePerHourPerCar * hoursForGame totalPeople = lotCapacity * avgPassengersPerCar totalTickets = totalPeople * ticketPrice grandTotal = totalParking _ totalTicket You are responsible for creating a program that will prompt the Data Entry Spet to input the total number of cars that entered the lot on game. The program should perform all calculations listed above, and display the results in a dialog box....
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Lab092608[1] - game times average 3.5 hours Create a...

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