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CIS 106: Ch 8 User-Defined Classes 02/25/09 1. a. Create a class named Checkup with fields that hold a patient number, systolic and diastolic, for blood pressure, and two cholesterol figures (LDL and HDL). Include methods to set and get each of the fields. Include a method named computeRatio() that divided LDL cholesterol by HDL cholesterol and displays the result. Include an additional method named ExplainRatio() that explains that HDL is “good cholesterol” and that a ratio of 3.5 or lower is considered optimum.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Create a class named TestCheckup whose main() method declares four Checkup objects. Provide values for each field for each patient, and then display the values. Blood pressure numbers are usually displayed with a slash between the systolic and diastolic values. (Typical numbers are values such as 110/78 or 130/90). With the cholesterol figures, display the explanation of the cholesterol ratio calculation. (Typical cholesterol numbers are values such as 100 and 40 or 180 and 70)....
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