Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Study Guide

Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Study Guide - Jamel Jenkins CIS 121...

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Jamel Jenkins CIS 121 Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Study Guide 1. There are an infinite number of functions possible in Boolean Algebra. False 2. The inverter uses 2 transistors. False 3. AND and OR gates are preferred to NAND and NOR gates because they are less complex. False 4. Truth Tables can prove two circuits are equivalent. True 5. Using positive logic, voltages of 3.3 to 5.0 volts are converted to logical zero. True 6. Gate - A tiny device used to compute functions of two valued signals. 7. Transistor- A device that operates as a fast switch. 8. Medium Scale Integrated Circuit - MSI is an acronym for this. 9. Decoder -A circuit that takes an n-bit number as input and uses it to select one of the 2^n output lines. 10. XOR- A comparator circuit is composed of this type of gate. 11. Flip Flop circuit -This circuit is edge triggered. 12. ROM (Read Only Memory)- This memory is used when neither the program or data will change. 13. D Latch or clocked D Latch -This memory circuit addresses the problem that the SR Latch can enter an unstable state. 14. DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory (RAM)) -This circuit “leaks” memory and must be refreshed every few milliseconds. 15. Propagation delay -The circuit below works because of this. 16. 17. Integrated Circuit -A piece of silicon that contains gates. 18. Address and Data Pins -These pins can determine the performance of the CPU. 19. 2^m -A chip with m address pins can address up to this number of memory locations. 20. Interrupt Pins -These pins are used by I/O devices to communicate with the CPU. 21. . These are the 6 categories of control pins. 22. Bus -A collection of wires that transmit address, data, and signals 23. Bus Abitrator -This decides which device gets to use the bus. 24. Slave -Passive devices that wait for requests are called this. 25.
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Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Study Guide - Jamel Jenkins CIS 121...

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