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Comparing Windows Vista to Linux Operating Systems

Comparing Windows Vista to Linux Operating Systems -...

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Unformatted text preview: Comparing Windows Vista to Linux Operating Systems Linux By: Jamel Jenkins Jamese Dobbs Rodney Fields History on Windows Vista OS History Windows Vista was announced to the United Windows States on July 22, 2005. States Windows Vista is an upgraded version of Windows Windows XP Windows Based on the first 180 days Windows Vista Based showed fewer vulnerabilities than Windows XP showed Windows Vista PCs are over 90% less likely to Windows be infected than systems running on Windows XP XP History on Linux OS History Linux was an OS created as a hobby by a Linux young student named Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki in Finland the Linux was originally dependent on the Linux MINIX user space and had a license that prohibited commercial distribution prohibited Linux imitates most of its basic design Linux from principles established in UNIX during the 1970s and 1980s the Windows Vista Vs. Linux Windows Dependability Features Vista’s stability is steadier than Vista’s its earlier version, because it is now based on the NT kernel. Most of the computers that use Most Windows Vista can boot in less than a minute and when put in sleep mode, they can resume where they left off in less than six seconds. six Linux emulators and window Linux manager stabilities vary, but are generally stable. If the graphic system fails If Linux can use the text based system fails, and the reboot is not necessary, because it is easy to restart the graphic system after the crash. system Windows Vista Vs. Linux Windows Security Features Windows Vista deals with user Windows account control, data encryption, and data redirection. redirection. The Bit locker feature for Vista The introduces a full system volume if encryption, making the data on your hard drive even more secure even For Linux it is a little different, For Guardian Digital, Inc, the world’s main open source security company, has made different updates so that it can deliver even better security features to ease the process of building the Linux operating system. system. Windows Vista Vs. Linux Windows Management Systems Windows Vista management Windows system is created by Microsoft which was developed by Bill Gates. Gates. Windows Vista was created to reduce the cost of desktop support, to simplify desktop configuration management, to enable better centralized management of the desktop, and decrease the cost of keeping systems updated. Linux can be owned by Linux anyone so it really depends on how much security the creator decides to put on the operating system. system. Linux is one of the most Linux prominent examples of free software and open source development; typically all the underlying source code can be freely modified, used, and redistributed by anyone. redistributed Windows Vista Vs. Linux Windows Usability Features Ease of Access Center A Ease centralized location where you can adjust accessibility settings and manage accessibility programs accessibility Filter Keys Ignores keystrokes Filter that occur in rapid succession and keystrokes that are held down for several seconds unintentionally. unintentionally. Linux is a multitasking; multiuser operating system that has user a reputation for rock solid reliability, its price is pretty hard to beat. hard One of the programs that Linux One uses for handling the file management is a program called Konqueror called Windows Vista Vs. Linux Windows Networking Computer Features Windows Vista includes Windows features that make networking easier, safer and more reliable easier, You can connect wirelessly to You your company’s network, share printers and high speed internet connections, copy files between PCs and enjoy your favorite online entertainment at home home Linux networking system, Linux deals with the Net-4 Linux Network coded which offers a wide variety of device drivers and advanced features. and It is browsing, editing and It remote access features that are integrated in a uniform environment environment Conclusion Conclusion As a group we have decided that As Windows Vista is a better operating system, because it is easier to work. system, Since Linux is a open source operating Since system it takes a lot more time to get the full system running at a good rate. full That’s just too much work!!!! ...
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