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IRWIN 9e 15_24 - Irwin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: Irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E ____________________—————-——-——— 1531!} Use PSPIC‘ E in find the FRlUflL‘l' unoffician [111' the wnwl'urm in Fig. P1524. Fifi Figure P15.2:+ SOLUTION: PSPICE W CL am FOun'er 46w WOLS 166W? 00 vol): ao+ 5 Ln Alt/)(leot 7‘ 9n) 7);! TM Caligiubnh GAL Qatari {vi Hm. PSPICE PMHfDu/f‘ Chapter 15: Fourier Analysis Techniques Problem 15.24 FOURIER COMPONENTS OF TRANSIENT RESPONSE V(V_VS) DC COMPONENT = HARMON IC NO CWWVGW$WNH H FREQUENCY (HZ) 1.600E-01 3.2005—01 4.800E-01 6.4OOE—01 8.0005-01 9.600E-01 1.120E+00 1 . 280E+00 1.440E+00 1.600E+00 7.537830E-03 FOURI ER CWPONENT .397E+OO .168E+00 .132E+00 .584E+00 .279E+00 .056E+00 .139E-01 .921E~01 .108E-01 6 3 2 1 1 1 9 7 7 6.3376-01 TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION = _____________—_—__—_—_—_..———— Problem 15.24 J 03 CONCLUDED TOTAL JOB TIME Inn/in, Basic Engineering Circuit Anaiysis, 9/E NORMALIZED COMPONENT 1.000E+00 4.QSZE-01 3.333E-01 2.476E—01 2.000E-01 1.6515—01 1.429E-01 1.2385-01 1.111E-01 9.907E-02 .34 PHASE (DEG) 7.216E-01 -1.78SE+OZ 2.163E+00 -1.771E+02 3.GOSE+OO -1.756E+02 5.047E+00 -1.74ZE+02 6.489E+00 -1.727E+02 7 . 367976E+01 PERCENT Chamer15:FmflmrAnmyfisTbchmques NORMALIZED i’HASE (DEG) .000E+OO .800E+02 .533E-03 .800E+02 .757E-03 .800E+02 .932E-03 .800E+02 .086E-03 .800E+02 5 ...
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