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IRWIN 9e 11_37 - lnuin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: lnuin. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis. 9/E 1 11.3.?r An abe—phase—sequenee three—phase balanced wye— mmteeted source supplies a balanced delta—cemented lead. The impedance per phase of the delta lead is 1G + 3% [1. It" file line impedance is sew and the line current in the a phase is knmm to be I,“ = 23.1[1' g —23.fifi° A rms, find the lead voltage “if”. SOLUTION: VAN: (R840 L—za.ee°j<a.33+j2-e;t) VAN: /2-0 Lion]. V5,“! vAg: MID-O 00' [oi-+300 VAL“); 9'08 [.9040 Vflry’u a. Chapter 11: Polyphase Circuits V Problem 11.37 ...
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