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Unformatted text preview: Irwin. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis. 9/E 1 ____________________________________—— 1L5}!r In 21 balanced three—phufie aj'alem. the meme hiifi an whe— phurae sequence. 1'5 ‘r' eenheeteLl. 21ml Fm: 120.1520" ‘v'rhln'. The Heuree t'eeLIH [we pauuiJel lumls. hmh m' which are ‘1" UUEUICCICLI. The imj'ledunee of [field ] in E + jfi £1. The eurnplex power [hr 1he .:.! pharze ut' luml .2 is fiflfl 3" 36:1" N’s—"L. Fiml 1he hue current 1111' the ca phase uml the 1mm] enmj‘llex ]'||.T|-'I-"C1' 01' the wuree. SOLUTION: ‘ an: :20 L320" V/mms Z": 5+j6n g ,1- 600L3é° VA Chapter 11: Polyphase Circuits Problem 11.57 2 Irwin. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E W» L-fléw 6/” A Mm gT ._., 3an IRX =30“) Lzo°)(I¥L/e.m°) 5T: é-Iz ($6.610 KVA —___—__—__—__—__—____—____—_——————— Problem 11.57 Chapter 11: Polyphase Circuits ...
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