life of pie - Life of Pi I read Life of Pi because my...

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Life of Pi I read “ Life of Pi ” because my teacher chose it as a textbook for class. For me, the first chapter is not very interesting, and do not understand what message the author is trying to convey. The second chapter, however, immersed me in the story of a human and tiger living together in the same, small place. The last chapter was shocking, but it made me think. *I thoroughly enjoyed this book for two reasons: first, this book describes a religion differently from the usual perspective, and second, it has a brilliant twist in the story that people can interpret and come up with their own conclusions. Pi believes in three religions: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Each religion has its own characteristics, ways to pray and core beliefs. They also claim that their own religion is the only and only true system. This is why, when three religion people meet Pi at the beach, they argue about which religion is the best, a very common discussion in our world today. Ironically, Pi feels strongly about all three of his religions and sincerely respects God as he sees Him. As we can see when Pi was in distress or almost died, he did not forget God and praised Him often. Even when his quest for survival was strenuous, and it would have been easy to turn his back on religion, but fought to keep his faith. Pi said, “Bapu Gandhi said, ‘All religions are true.’ I just want to love God” (Martel 69). For Pi, religion is a
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life of pie - Life of Pi I read Life of Pi because my...

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