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Unformatted text preview: University of California, Berkeley Department of Economics Econ 204 Section 1 Introdcution & Contact Information Hui Zheng Department of Economics Email: [email protected] Phone: 510-5083336 & Administrative Information GSIs: Hui Zheng (July 27-August 5) Vladimir Asriyan (August 6- August 14) Section 1: MTuWThF 9:00-10:30 608-7 Evans Section 2: MTuWThF 10:30-12:00 608-7 Evans O¢ ce hours: MTuWThF 3:30-5:00 597 Evans Vladimir Asriyan and I will split the course material as follows: I am covering the material from Lecture 1 to Lecture 7. He is going to cover the remaining. You only have to attend one section each day. The same material will be covered in both sections. You are welcome to choose either the 9 AM or 10:30 AM section. Berkeley time: The sections acutally start at 9:10 AM and 10:40 AM. Attendance to section is not required but strongly encouraged. Description of the Section & The goal of the section is to deepen you understanding of the course material. The section is closelyThe goal of the section is to deepen you understanding of the course material....
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