POLS Chapter 1 - Ch 1 Introducing Government in America...

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Ch 1: Introducing Government in America - Politics in Action o American youth is less likely to be well informed about politics and government compared to senior citizens. o Political knowledge fosters civic virtues, helps citizens identify which policies would truly benefit them, and promotes active participation in politics. o Those who participate in the political process are more likely to be benefitted from government programs and policies. o Government has a substantial impact on all of our lives; we have the opportunity to have an important impact on government. - Government o The institutions that make authoritative decisions for any given society are collectively known as government. o National governments throughout the world perform the following functions: Maintain a national defense Provide public services. (Public goods=goods that everyone must share) Preserve order. Socialize the young. Collect taxes - Politics o Politics: determines whom we select as our governmental leaders and what policies these leaders pursue. o The ways in which people get involved in politics is called their political participation. o Single-Issue Groups: groups that have a narrow interest, tend to dislike compromise, and tend to draw their membership from people new to politics. They also tend to vote on the basis of that issue only.
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POLS Chapter 1 - Ch 1 Introducing Government in America...

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