Rh.113 - &–¡Zf¢ Fd £¤¥”/¦ \ZgF¥/§ 1850...

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Unformatted text preview: &–¡Zf¢ Fd £¤¥”/¦ \ZgF¥/§ 1850 £& 1848 ¡¢f£¤ vf£¢ ‹¨´© ‹'ª§ x¥`« }¥¨F¥ª¬zf­ &'„® (&§ZdZ) ˝¯f`¢ 1 1848 ª¥zh ¦§dF¯¨ —©£«¬ ’4 (1850 if£¤ ¦§d £& 1849 ª¥zh ¦§dF¯¨ gZ) 25 1850 ­¤´¿® }~f °± Y£‚²Z ’5 35 £§ ¡©´¬³©g 1848 °±zh ²³dµ¶¯ —¨¥ª¡ 1850 if£¤ ¦§d £& 1849 ª¥zh ¦§dF¯¨ gZ ³‘/¤£‘¨d ¦‘«–¯µ fd zf zd Ø‘¶z³‘·¤ }f´‘`¿¸ £‘`¹& , º‘© »³`¼ ,dZd x£·¬ Zf jZ y³‘`¼ Zf j³‰©d y³`¼ ½¤ ¦«·§ z ˝–¯µ fd z ,\f£¾£¹µ ­¥´² ¦`/¤ z ­'À¨ b³¿¯¬ £‘µ ½‘©³‘Á¤ »³‘`¼ ˝¹À¨ ‹©‹Á& [£–± ­µ }£§ }f£‘µ z ‹‘¹µ ­‘µ ½‘¢ ­‘¿Ãg ¦‘¥Ä‘® gZ y‹‘¯Å´‘¾ ½‘¹¹”¤ Æd´µ ydfZ›™ }£Áµ d´Ã gZ ½‘¯¥zh ½¶z³·¤ }f´`¿¸ ­¹•© ,‹Å A¤£¢ ½¹¹”¤ o¤ ¡ÂÁ¤ £µ Ç–& ­¹•© ,d´µ ½‘«·™ ˝‘¯/ƒ& Zzhf´‘µ ½‘”/¶ Ǒ–& xÈ fd ½‘¢ }Z }f´‘`¿¸ ­‘«²zd A‘…Å ,‹‘¬dZ‹‘¯¤ A‘¯…·& Zf ½‘–¬Z³‘É }gZzhf´‘µ ½‘¢ ʑ¶ ˝‘¹À¨ ufF‘µ x´‘¯–¢Z³‘‘É zd ­‘‘•¿¸ ­‘¹•© ,Ë‘Â&Ì‘¤ }£‘§ ˝‘–¯¿¯«‰² z £‘§ ˝‘–¯¬£‘ͲfzZ ¦‘ά [F‘± ½–¬Z³É }f´‘`¿¸ ½‘…¯²£‘±fd Æ xÈ £µ x£¤F¿§ ,d£‘«É£‘¯¤ ʑ¶ ˝‘¹À¨ [ZF‘±Z qÄ‘«¥Z Ï‘¹¼ ½‘µ ­‘…¤ ½‘µ£‘ƒ¿µ Ê‘¯&³‘«¹©‹‘µ Æ‹¹«ÃZ‹¬Z yZ³µ if£¤ [Ä”¬Z }£`§£‰§£¹¾ ª©³ÃÈ ½¯Â® }d£‘`¸ ,£‘¾zfZ ­‘µÄ‘”¬Z ‹‘Ð }£‘§z³‘¯¬ ´¹©dzZ z d£«ÉZ yZ³‘µ x£‘ûÈ ½‘¶z³‘·¤ Ñ‘&fZ ½‘¯Â® iz³‘¾ ,d³‘¢ gz£‘Á& x£‘«¨f£‘Á¤ ½‘µ ½‘¯¨zf Odinot º©dF¬ }Z y‹¹¹¢ ª¯¯•& ËÀ® ½À”¬ ½µ Ò³§£Ó £¾zfZ xZ³‘'µ Æ˝‘–µ ^´‘& ½‘µ Zf wf ½µ ¡©f£¾ ¦·¼ z d´µ ½¸´«¤ ¡©f£¾ ½µ £¾zfZ ¦·¼ ,‹·¯¤ ½¹¹”¤ ¡ÂÁ¤ Æ ½…µ ,d³…¬ ­¬Z³‘¹“¨ zZ Æ˝‘Éf ½‘¹¹”¤ ¡‘ÂÁ¤ x´‘/©³‘& ³‘µ ª‘¯²zf zf‹‘² ª‘¥zh ¦‘§dg£‘© fd ½µ ½Â¿±a :d³¢ ½²´¤³É ½¹¯µ£¢ ½¯Â® Ô¶£Õ z F¢³¿«¤ ,­•ÕZz ,ËÂ…& ­µ ,x£©³® ­‘«¨Z´‘Ãg£‘µ yd£¤ [email protected] }f´`¿¸ ½¯Â® ½Â¿± ,wf }f´`¿¸ ½µ ½Â¿± z ˝¨Z ˝¯¶z³·¤ ½¯Â® ½Â¿± ,wf }dZgÈ ½¯Â® y£‰Ö¯§ Zf d´Ã ­¤£Î¬ }z³¯¬ ½–¬Z³É }f´`¿¸a :‹‘©´‘‰¯¤ ª‘¯¹¼ ˝‘¯¶z³‘·¤ 5 f£‘…µ wf }dZgÈ ½‘¯Â® Zf ½‘–¬Z³‘É Ñ‘&fZ ,f´‘`¿¸ ¡‘¯¥f z @Æd³‘¯™ ­‘¿¬ f£‘…µ ­‘”Âà ב¯§ ¡ÂÁ¤ ‹¯¥£& xz‹µ Zf ­‰¹¸ O´¬ ³§ xÄ®Z ½©³Á¤ y´Õ }Z³µ ,˝¯¶z³·¤ 54 yd£¤ Æd³‘¯‰¯¤ ½¢ ‹§‹¯¤ f´«¨d ½¹¯µ£¢ ½µ ½¤ 8 Ù‘©f£‘«µ x£‘–¨Ì‘¤ ¡‘ÂÁ¤ ½‘µ´‘‡¤ Æ‹‘¹…¯¤ O´‘¹¿¤ o‘¤...
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This note was uploaded on 10/04/2010 for the course ENGINEERIN 22453175 taught by Professor Heydari during the Spring '08 term at Punjab Engineering College.

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Rh.113 - &–¡Zf¢ Fd £¤¥”/¦ \ZgF¥/§ 1850...

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