Case - the hotels in the region as you can see they are several in the region Now some of the alternatives or possible solutions Park Royal can do

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Ok so are case had to do with the Malaysian hotel industry…more specifically the Primula Park Royal hotel. To give you guys some background on the case…. .Primula Park Royal hotel is located Terengganu region of Malaysia, which is located on the eastern coast of Malaysia near the town of Kuala. The hotel came under new management in 1996. The new management wants to increase the market share of Park Royal in the highly competitive region of Terengganu. They are considering several options but are mainly concentrating on Malaysian tour groups mainly because Malaysians make up 83% of room occupancy in the region. The critical problem is fairly simple. The new management of Park Royal wants to reposition the hotel in order to increase market share. The new reposition strategy must differentiate Park Royal from the several other hotels in the region. This map shows all of
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Unformatted text preview: the hotels in the region as you can see they are several in the region. Now some of the alternatives or possible solutions. Park Royal can do nothing….in which case there market share will stay the same or could decrease. Another option would be to intensify the hotels focus on corporate travelers and conferences. This could be accomplished by offering such guests perks like loyalty programs and a better business atmosphere. The next option would be to focus of Malaysian tour groups, if we are able to tap into this segment we could drastically increase our market share because 83% of rooms in the region are occupied by Malaysians. Finally management could adapt a strategy that targets both segments. Bill is now going to talk to you about the pros and cons of each and what we think is the best option and how to implement it bill....
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