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P.O. BOX 4399 1420 COLDWELL AVENUE MODESTO, CALIFORNIA 95352 (209) 524-6601 FAX: (209) 524-6931 CONSTRACTOR’S LICENSE #174777 Heating • Plumbing • Sheet Metal • Refrigeration • Construction Management • Millwrighting • Process Piping • Air Conditioning • General Construction July 1, 2002 Sub: High Definition/HVAC Plasma Cutting System w/dual torches. To whom it may concern: I work for a large Union HVAC/Industrial mechanical contractor and we have had automated plasma cutting for the past 18 years. The old system served us well, however there were limitations to it. With the rising cost of labor and the stiff competition within our industry we were Interested in exploring our options as far as a new automated cutting system. We initially thought that a laser would be the way to go, but after researching we found that the initial cost, slow speed and the annual operating expense would not suit our needs. From there I researched all of the other options available, which were few due to our list of needs. We need a machine
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