16 pressure test requirements if specied in the

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Unformatted text preview: Specification SB-824), 4.1.6 Pressure test requirements, if specified in the purchase order (Specification SB-824), 4.1.7 Soundness requirements, if specified in the purchase order (Specification SB-824), 4.1.8 Foundry test report, if specified in the purchase order (Specification SB-824), 4.1.9 Witness inspection, if specified in the purchase order (Specification SB-824), 4.1.10 Product marking, if specified in the purchase order (Specification SB-824 and Section 10). 33 2. Referenced Documents 2.1 The following documents of the issue in effect on date of material purchase form a part of this specification to the extent referenced herein: 2.1.1 ASTM Standards: B 208 Recommended Practice for Preparing Tension Test Specimens for Copper-Base Alloys for Sand Castings B 824 Specification for General Requirements for Copper Alloy Castings E 527 Practice for Numbering Metals and Alloys (UNS) 2.1.2 MSS Standards: SP-25 Standard Marking System for Valves, Fittings, Flanges, and Unions COPYRIGHT American Society of Mechanical Engineers Licensed by Information Handling Services SB-61 2001 SECTION II TABLE 2 TENSILE PROPERTIES Tensile strength, mm ksiA Yield strength,C min., ksiA Elongation in 2 in., min. % A B TABLE 1 CHEMICAL REQUIREMENTS, COPPER ALLOY UNS NO. C92200 Major Elements Copper Tin Lead Zinc Nickel (incl Cobalt) Residual Elements Iron Antimony Sulfur Phosphorus Aluminum...
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