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APPROVE N . D T TEST ﺶﻳﺎﻣزآ عﻮﻧ : ﺖﺧﺎﺳ ﺐﺼﻧ ﺪﻳدزﺎﺑ ﻞﺤﻣ : مﺮﻓ هرﺎﻤﺷ : VT PT MT UT نﻮﺘﺳ ﺮﻴﺗ ﺶﻳﺎﻣزآ درﻮﻣ تﺎﻌﻄﻗ : هژوﺮﭘ مﺎﻧ : % 100 ﺶﻳﺎﻣزآ ناﺰﻴﻣ ﻲﺳرزﺎﺑو : ﻪﻧﺎﺧرﺎﻛ مﺎﻧ : قرو ﺖﻣﺎﺨﺿ هدوﺪﺤﻣ : AWS D1.1 دراﺪﻧﺎﺘﺳا ﺪﻛ : ﺪﻳدزﺎﺑ ﺦﻳرﺎﺗ : GTAW SAW GMAW SMAW يرﺎﻜﺷﻮﺟ ﺪﻨﻳآﺮﻓ : سرزﺎﺑ مﺎﻧ : No Column Or Beam Code Defect Type and position Evaluation Final Result Acc Rep Accept After Repair Total Tested Length: Defect P :Porosity C :Crack U.S :Under size O.L :Over Lap C.O
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