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Axia College Material Appendix F Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Item Correct Answer (A or B) Rationale 1. B The first sentence is stereotypical to the gender of the nurse. Not all nurses are women. 2. A In the 2 nd sentence, it is implied that all girls are bad at math. 3. B The implication is made that Muslims are not nice in the first sentence. 4. B The person’s race is not important information in the 1 st sentence. 5. A The age of the subject is needed to explain why the counseling was needed. 6. B An applicant’s age is not important as long as they are capable of doing a task. 7. A The child’s particular disability needs to be revealed so the correct accommodations can be made. 8. B Raw fish is making a stereotypical assumption about race and culture. 9. B The second part of the first sentence is an incomplete thought. 10. B The first sentence is an incomplete thought. 11. A The second sentence is a run-on because there is no conjunction or punctuation. 12. A This sentence is separated correctly. The second thought is closely related
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Unformatted text preview: to the first. 13. A “Families” is misspelled in the second selection. 14. B “Their” is misspelled in the first selection. 15. B “University” should be capitalized in the first selection. 16. A “December” should be capitalized in the second selection. 17. A This is the proper contraction for “it is”. 18. A “Children’s” is plural and possessive. It is done with an ‘s (apostrophe s) because it is a plural noun that doesn’t end in s. 19. A The word “ours” is made possessive with an s’ (s apostrophe) because the plural noun ends in an s. 20. A “Worse yet” should be set off with a comma and not a semicolon. 21. B The semicolon is used in the list because there is a comma used in the separation of city and state. 22. A The colon is used unnecessarily. 23. B The comma is used unnecessarily. 24. B There should be a comma to separate the different thoughts. 25. B This is a compound sentence. COM 140...
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