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COM 3058Final Research Paper - 1 COM 3058 The Ethics of...

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COM 3058 The Ethics of Image Making Final Research Paper (8pp; 30% of Grade) For your final research project you will research and write an 8pp paper on a particular aspect of the ethics of image-making. Although you come up with the topic yourself, the project must be approved by me after you’ve submitted the abstract. Your final research project is comprised of two related parts: the paper itself, worth 30% of the grade and an in-class presentation worth, 10% of the course grade. Written Project (30%) : Your aim is to conduct research into a specific issue relating to the ethics of image-making, focusing on documentary film or TV. You should aim to narrow down your topic so that you end up with a manageable subject that can be realistically researched and written up throughout the semester. Projects can be either historical in nature (for example, looking at a period in the history of documentary film such as early cinema or the cinema verité movement); selecting a case study film which raises provocative ethical concerns; the work of a documentary filmmaker such as Frederic Wiseman or Errol Morris; or exploring an issue such as gender, race, or sexual identity in documentary film and TV. Getting Started : You and your research partner (someone who will help you identify a topic, narrow it down, suggest research leads, read drafts, and proof-read the final draft) should arrange a time to meet and explore possible topics together (obviously with busy work schedules this can also be done via email). Ask the following questions: What issues am I interested in? What have we studied in class (or are going to study) that piques my interest and
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COM 3058Final Research Paper - 1 COM 3058 The Ethics of...

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