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COM 3058 Writing Style Guide - Professor A. Griffiths FLM...

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FLM 3001 Film History I GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING ASSIGNMENTS This handout is for your reference when submitting assignments. It consists of four sections. The first is a checklist of things you must do before submitting an assignment; the second section explains how to properly cite research materials; the third section has some suggestions for ways to write more clearly and effectively; and the fourth identifies several common proofreading marks that you may find in my feedback. Part One : General Guidelines You must do each of the steps below before submitting an essay. Essays that do not follow each of these steps will be penalized. You must adhere to deadlines. If you are serious about getting the best possible grade, you need to submit essays when they are do, or discuss any extra time you may need in advance with me. Whenever you send material to read by e-mail, please send them as pdf files (I am a Mac user and Word documents are hard to open due to software incompatibilities). One option if the attachment doesn’t work, is for you to cut and paste your text from your word-processing file into your e-mail file. Also, while you may send drafts via e-mail in certain circumstances, it is to your advantage to submit hard copies in class, since their double spacing enables me to give you more and better written feedback, and saves me the time, hassle, and expense of downloading and printing dozens of pages. On a cover sheet or at the top of the first page, all papers must list the title of the essay, your name, the date, the course title, and the professor’s name. Essays are to be stapled in the top left and have no plastic covers. List the page numbers of the essay on all pages after the first one, either on the bottom center or top right. Spell check and then re-read the entire essay (spell checkers are not intuitive!). Spelling errors are the most common form of errors in college-level writing, and the most easily fixed due to word processors, hence the least forgivable. Be careful to spell the names of people correctly, and always use their first and last names as well as their titles, when appropriate, when you introduce them. For example, when you first mention a person you would use their full name e.g. Margaret Smith; subsequent references would the surname (“Smith”) only. Essays are to have normal margins, double-spaced lines, and 12-point font size.
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COM 3058 Writing Style Guide - Professor A. Griffiths FLM...

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