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                                          COM 220 Week 2 Annotated Bibliography 1 Annotated Bibliography prevention institute (2010). Child molestation research & prevention institute. Retrieved from The Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute (CMRPI) is a national, science- based, nonprofit organization. The CMRPI conducts research to prevent child sexual abuse, and provides information on prevention organizations, agencies, and professionals, to help prevent abuse. This site is full of information on not only helping the victims of child abuse but also child molesters/pedophiles. It is important to understand that most people consider pedophiles dangerous evil criminals instead of the sick individuals that need help. This site gives information to individuals interested children in a sexual way. They have many counselors all over the country willing to help. They also have information for how we as parents can help keep our children safe from these individuals. I believe this site to be reliable as they are a nonprofit organization that is not biased in whom they help the child or the molester. Lanyon, R. (1986). Theory and Treatment in Child Molestation. Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology , 54 (2), 176-182. Retrieved from SocINDEX with Full Text database. I plan to use this article to show how people choose to live in denial that pedophile exist instead of facing the situation and finding a way to correct the problem. I want also to show how as a general rule denial of the situation although not the best solution is also better than the mass hysteria that could be caused discussing this topic. I will again use this article to dispel some common myths about pedophiles. Lithwick, D.
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lcJenny.Annotated+Bibliography[1] - 1 Annotated...

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