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COM 220 Week 3 Thesis and Main Points 1 Thesis Sentence Even though pedophiles deserve incarceration for the crimes they commit, rehabilitating pedophiles lowers the risk of repeat offenses. How do you plan to support your thesis with compelling arguments and counterarguments? I plan to support this argument by showing incarcerated pedophiles released from the prison system will repeat their crimes. I plan to show how rehabilitation can help a pedophile by lessening the urges that make them commit the crime. I also want to show that pedophile sentencing is nowhere near the length of time to help change behaviors that cause molestation. I think it is necessary to show that unless someone is sentenced to death for sexual abuse to a child; the only way to confirm that they cannot harm again is rehabilitation.
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss the arguments, you will actually use. Though you are still in the discovery and research phase, need to have an idea of some of your major arguments. Pedophiles deserve being locked away for life. Unfortunately, this will not happen. Not many cases, sentence a child molester to life imprisonment or death. In most cases, child molesters sentencing will be short enough that they will be able to molest again. These offenders will repeat their crimes not because they want to hurt people but because they are wired this way. Child molesters need rehabilitation, and counseled on ways to control the urges they have. This is something that will take years to work through. The best alternative to jail time may be time in a criminal psychiatric facility....
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