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Week 1 Assignment: Research Paper Topic Due Date: Day 7 (Sunday) [post to the Assignments Page] Compose a minimum 150-word response for your facilitator, and submit the topic for approval. Explain the topic in your own words. Consider what you plan to prove about this topic. What is your argument? What do you want your audience to take away from this research? What is your purpose in writing this paper? Pedophile Rehabilitation or Sentencing In my essay I plan to show why it is more important to rehabilitate pedophiles rather than sentence them. I have found that sentencing for pedophiles has no educational outcome to pedophiles. Each state has its own sentencing time frame for pedophiles, each being far less than I would find acceptable. The problem with jail time verses rehabilitation is that after the short
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Unformatted text preview: jail time the pedophile will be back out and able to abuse another child. By rehabilitation the pedophile we can break the cycle. Research shows that many pedophiles were abused themselves as children. It goes to show that without rehabilitation for this serious offender we will never break the cycles of pedophilia. It is important to note that each child that is abused should also go through serious therapy to keep the number of pedophiles on the decline. Pedophile is a serious illness that will require much therapy in a closed facility where the sentenced offender can get the help they need. Locking a pedophile away for a few years and allowing them back in the population to harm another child does not fix the severe situation....
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