HCA 210 HCA210 Week 3 CheckPoint Long-Term Care Simulation

HCA 210 HCA210 Week 3 CheckPoint Long-Term Care Simulation...

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HCA 210 Week 3 CheckPoint Long-Term Care Simulation  Long-Term Care Being a social worker in this case would lead to many considerations. The older Mrs. W ages the more complicated her care will be. The number one goal is to keep Mrs. W as independent as possible. This will enable Mrs. W her freedom as well as lack of financial burden. Mrs. W. does not have any family support as her husband has passed and her daughter lives in another state. She will have to rely solely on the help of her social worker. In the beginning, following her hip replacement Mrs. W was more than able to still be home with help from friends and church members as well as part-time home health services. This allowed her independents and did not disrupt her lifestyle. After her friend passed and Mrs. W was losing weight the social worker had an
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Unformatted text preview: obligation to help Mrs. W find the best care and socialization situation. They had to look into coverage, and assess the financial assets to aid in the care of Mrs. W. Assisted living is the best course of action for this situation. This still allows the patient independents with medical staff available to help follow progress. After Mrs. W has a stroke and other illnesses follow it seems that long-term care is the only alternative. The social workers challenge here is finding a way to cover the cost. Although there is not an alternative to long-term care, this will initiate many hardships. Much work will go into making sure that all costs are covered for her and that there are no bumps in the road financially to care for her medically until the end....
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