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Axia College Material Appendix B Case Study Introduction Mental healthcare, often called behavioral healthcare, includes the range of services provided to people diagnosed with mental illness. Illnesses can range from mild depression or anxiety to behavior that endangers the patient or others. Mental illness can be acute or chronic. Scenario You have recently been employed by a small local hospital as an administrative assistant in the emergency room. Your responsibilities include interviewing patients or their families for basic personal information and insurance coverage, inventorying and ordering supplies, scheduling staff, seeing that equipment is maintained according to specifications, supervising the cleaning staff, and managing the operations of the unit in general. Your supervisor, the emergency room medical director, expresses concern over the increasing number of mentally ill patients present in the emergency room, including those with alcohol and other substance abuse addictions. The hospital does not provide any behavioral health services.
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HCA210_Appendix_B_mental_health[1] - Axia College Material...

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