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When using the term environmental sustainability, I believe it means the environment will work forever without a decrease of it natural resources. For this to happen, a limited amount of natural resources need to be used to allow the earth to self replenish. What is happening is in the higher developed country’s too many people are consuming more than the required amounts of resources to live, and in the lower developed countries people consume less natural resources but there are more people and not enough resources to go around. I believe environmental sustainability will take much time to implement effectively because scientists need to fully understand, the consequences of how the earth is affected by peoples actions.
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Unformatted text preview: There are many things that apply to my-self that effect environmental sustainability, one is using fresh water like it is from an endless supply. For example, I brush my teeth and leave the water running until completed. I could very well turn off the water while I brush to help sustain the fresh water for the earth. Another behavior I could prevent is the buying of all my vegetables from the supermarket. I could instead start growing some of my own vegetables to help in lowering the stress placed on other countries resources. I could also invest into a high-bred vehicle to help lower on the pollution to the environment, and it would also lower the amount of non-renewable resources I use from the planet....
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