SCI 275 WK 2 Assignment Risk Assessment

SCI 275 WK 2 Assignment Risk Assessment - Risk Assessment 1...

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Risk Assessment 1 Malathion Risk Assessment Your Name Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Risk Assessment 2 There has been a proposal for the use of the Malathion pesticide within the city of Genericville, presented to the city council. The proposal for the consideration of using the Malathion pesticide has been brought to the council’s attention because there are problems with the diseases spread from mosquitoes. The town’s main concerns are the spread of the West Nile Virus (WNV) in Genericville. It is the responsibility of the city council to make an educated decision regarding this matter, which will be safe and more beneficial to the following: The city council, the tourists of Genericville, as-well as the people who live in Genericville. Due to the high volume of rain fall this past season, we expect to have an increased amount of mosquitoes breeding in our area. Studies have been performed in our wetlands concerning this matter. With the study performed in our wetlands, there could be 2 fatal cases this year from the (WNV) out of a projected 50 cases in Genericville. If compared to a population of 200,000 people, it would mean that without the use of Malathion a group of 4,000 people will likely be infected with the (WNV). If the Malathion program is implemented it would reduce the probability rate of disease from 50 people to 5 people, with only 20% of the infected having a chance of dying. With the reduction of infected people and or infections resulting in death these
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SCI 275 WK 2 Assignment Risk Assessment - Risk Assessment 1...

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