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SCI 275 WK 2 Risk Assessment Outline

SCI 275 WK 2 Risk Assessment Outline - near area being...

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Outline 1. Introduction of proposition 2. Genericville Statistics 3. Approval for the use of Malathion where mosquitoes are of issue. 4. Hazard Identification Does Malathion cause cancer or birth defects? There is no significant proof that Malathion causes cancer or birth defects in humans 5. Dose Response Assessment With the consistency of Malathion dose being used for spraying meeting FDA guidelines there are not any significant health effects. In the event of high dosages of Malathion, it could have health risks on humans 6. Exposure Assessment People living or working outside
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Unformatted text preview: near area being sprayed could be mildly affected • Sprayers could also be mildly affected • Malathion exposure could be controlled with the education of people. 7. Risk Characterization • There could be as many as 90 illnesses related to the Malathion spraying. • Malathion spraying could cause long-term eco-system problems but there is no supporting evidence. • The probability of health effects from Malathion is lower than from West Nile Virus 8. Tourists help the economy of Genericville 9. Conclusion for approval of Malathion spraying...
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