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SCI 275 WK 3 DQ 1 Answer: I chose raw beets. There are 58 calories per serving. Appendix C demonstrated that the primary consumer of the raw beet collects all the probable energy from the producer source. The secondary and tertiary consumers collect very little energy, comparably. As well, the primary consumer gains the most energy with very little going to the secondary and tertiary consumers. The primary consumer absorbs most of the energy, leaving very little to the secondary and tertiary consumer. It stands to reason, therefore, that humans would gain more by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and nuts. We would gain the most energy and expel the most energy because we got it straight from the primary producer. Considering animals ingest grains and fruits and vegetables, etc. .. by the time the energy is gained, absorbed, and then released by the animals, humans gain barely nothing of those sources from animals. This could be a reason why Vegans are notably more healthy and have more energy. SCI 275 WK 3 DQ 2 Answer:
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